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Lawn Care - Bethany, OK

Essential Lawn Management is among Oklahoma’s most reliable providers of lawn care services. We have a solid reputation of providing quality work, professional customer service, and unequivocal warranty to our finished jobs. If you want to be certain that your lawn is well taken care of, then contact us soon. We serve several areas in the state, including Bethany, Yukon, and Oklahoma City.

Our Systematic Lawn Care Process

Lawn Care - Bethany, OK

Different landscape service companies follow different approaches to maintaining and taking care of lawns. While we don’t consider ours perfect, we’re confident that our way of handling lawn care tasks is truly effective and commendable, as testified by our clients in Bethany, OK and other cities.

First, we will conduct a careful assessment of your area. Based on the information we gathered, we will present a specific lawn care package that fits your budget and specific needs. We will involve you in the planning phase, as we always do whenever we handle such project. And all throughout our actual work, we will provide you with regular updates on our progress, as well as potential issues pertaining to your lawn.

Our people can work on small or large lawns fast and efficiently. They are all skilled, licensed, and certified to perform all tasks related to caring for residential and commercial lawns. They use appropriate tools and lawn equipment, like mowers, snow blowers, and edging tools to ensure efficient workflow. They also have access to vital supplies, such as organic fertilizers, so your lawn will be healthy and free of weeds and pests.

Lawn Care Services We Provide

Lawn Care - Bethany, OK

We provide affordable, comprehensive, and expert lawn care services to Oklahoma clients with sure positive outcomes. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Fertilization – Applying the right type of fertilizers can guarantee healthy and disease-resistant lawn or plants. Our people are experienced enough to determine the right fertilizers to use based on your plantings’ needs.

  • Weed and pest control – Another effective means of ensuring the health of your plantings is to perform pest and weed control. We have a ready and adequate supply of the most preferred weed and pest control products from trusted suppliers, so you won’t have to look somewhere else.

  • Lawn Care - Bethany, OK Snow cleanup – Our people can clear your yard of snow buildup quickly using heavy-duty snow blowers and trucks regardless of the volume of snow involved.

Professional Lawn Care within Your Reach

Call us at 405-265-9616 or visit our Bethany office today, and let us make your lawn looking great and staying in tip-top condition no matter what the season is. With us, professional lawn care is totally within your reach.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in OK:

  • Norman, OK
  • The Village, OK
  • Piedmont, OK
  • Mustang, OK

* Even if your city isn't listed above and you live in the state of Oklahoma, give us a call *