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Water Features

A water feature in your landscaping can greatly enhance the look and feel of your garden and also give it a serene and tranquil ambiance. There are many types of water features, and each one can seamlessly blend with the greenery and décor, depending on which one you choose.

Essential Lawn Management is an expert in water features and we have the skill and knowledge to install just about any kind of water feature, be it a natural rock pool or a bubbling fountain. We design the water feature based on the available space in the landscape area. As a result, it fits in seamlessly without looking out of place.

Benefits of Water Feature

Today, life is extremely stressful and there are few avenues for people to de-stress and relax. A water feature not only transforms the way your landscaping looks, it also helps you cope with daily stress of life. Some of the benefits of using our services include:

Appearance: A water feature will give your landscape a natural look and feel. Pool fountains can be easily blended with greenery and other features of the garden and make them the focal point. We ensure that the water feature suits your landscape’s layout and design, so that it does not appear intrusive.

Musical Sound: When you have a water feature, such a cascading waterfall or garden fountain, the sound can be extremely relaxing. It sounds like a babbling brook and having this musical sound in your garden or home can calm and relax your strained nerves. There is nothing better than sitting in your home or garden and listening to this wonderful sound.

Wildlife: When you go in for an outdoor water feature, you will be attracting a wide array of wildlife. Birds will use your water feature to drink and bathe and the sight can be mesmerizing. We can even install a pond with a pond aerator so that you can have your very own koi pond, which is rage nowadays.

Our Services

We can design the water feature based on your requirement and budget. You can rest assured knowing that we will use high quality materials to create your water feature. We are innovative and unique in our thought process and this allows us to come up with spectacular water features that will leave you and your guests stunned.

We are specialists in water features and can cater to commercial and residential spaces. We are renowned not just in Oklahoma City, OK, but also in the surrounding metro areas, including Edmond, Norman, Yukon, Moore, and Mustang as well as all over the state of Oklahoma.

Call us today for all kinds of water features and you will be impressed with our creativity and pricing. When you use Essential Lawn Management for installing water features at your home or business, you will find that it can transform your outdoor space. We are certain that you will love the water feature that we install and this will always help you stay in a relaxed and calm state of mind. Isn’t that sufficient enough to pick up your phone right away and call us?

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