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Weed Control / Fertilization

Weeds are the enemies of lawn and landscape owners. These unwanted plants can rear their ugly heads in your yard and can spell doom for your plants. If you do not want your plants perish, you should seriously think of hiring a professional for weed control. Just because weeds have names like dandelion and crabgrass, it does not mean that they are harmless. On the contrary, without proper lawn weed control and fertilization, you will be unable to restore or have control over the way your lawn and landscape looks.

We at Essential Lawn Management are experts in controlling rampant growth of weeds in your lawn and landscape. Over the years, we have gained experience in removing the weed menace from lawns in residential and commercial areas through ingenious methods. This is the reason why we are the most sought-after lawn maintenance company for weed control and fertilization in Oklahoma City, OK and surrounding metro areas such as Edmond, Norman, Piedmont, Moore, and Yukon.

We are renowned for our in-depth knowledge on weed control and fertilization. We use this knowledge to ensure your lawn and landscape look pristine.

Our Services

While you may do regular weeding, you will realize that without adequate measures to control weeds, you will not win the battle against these pesky plants. We offer defensive and aggressive chemical weed control methods. Based on the severity of the menace, we use the most suitable method to make your yard weed-free. Our weed control/fertilization methods are extremely effective and always produce desired results.

Defensive Measures: Our maxim for weed control is healthy soil offers better defense against weeds. Hence, we take steps to ensure that your yard and garden is always healthy. We fertilize the soil using the right type of fertilizer that contains the right combination of nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, and potassium (NPK). This fertilizer will make the soil healthier and deter weeds from growing. However, persistent weeds would still find ways to grow and that is when we switch to our aggressive method of weed management.

Aggressive Measures: We offer our clients a variety of programs when it comes to weed control. The weed killer is applied when the weeds enter their active growth phase, which is usually during early spring, mid May into June and again in the fall. After applying the product, we ask that you refrain from watering or mowing for at least 24 hours, as it will reduce the efficacy of the weed control chemical.

It is important to remember the battle with weeds is an ongoing one. You cannot use weed control or fertilization once and expect your yard or garden to be weed-free forever. That is why you should rely on the knowledge of a professional, who knows when to apply the necessary product to eliminate weeds from your lawn.

A Time to Fight Weeds

We always educate our clients about weed control. There is a time when weed control measures should be used and it is only then that you will find yourself winning the battle against weeds. We schedule weed control measures throughout the year to make it more effective. We apply weed killer and fertilizer 6 times a year, but depending on the severity of the problem, we can increase the weed control and fertilization schedule.

Our weed control and fertilization measures begin in February/March and continue all the way until October. This helps to keep your lawn look lush and pristine.

When it comes to weed control, no one knows more than Essential Lawn. Call us today if you are in Oklahoma City, OK or one of the surrounding metro areas. We would be glad to help you win the fight against weeds using our innovative and unique weed control methods.

Weed Control & Fertilization Schedule


APP 1 Mid to late February Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact
APP 2 Later part of first week of April Fertilizer
APP 3 Mid May Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact
APP 4 Later part of first week of June Fertilizer
APP 5 Mid July Fertilizer
APP 6 October Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact


APP 1 Mid to late February Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact
APP 2 Later part of first week of April Fertilizer
App 3 Mid May Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact
APP 4 Later part of first week of June Fertilizer
APP 5 October Weed Control, Pre Emergent and Contact


APP 1 End of March early April
APP 2 August
  • 2 times price of normal treatment unless applied with fertilizer, then 2 times price of fertilizer

Scale, fungus, bag worms, Army worms etc, done as needed


APP 1 February/March Pre Emergent
APP 2 May Fertilizer 14-14-14
APP 3 June Fertilizer 14-14-15
APP 4 October/November Pre Emergent

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in OK:

  • Norman, OK
  • The Village, OK
  • Piedmont, OK
  • Mustang, OK

* Even if your city isn't listed above and you live in the state of Oklahoma, give us a call *